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How can you tell if you need to Repair or Replace your fence?
Is your fence looking like it's seen better days?  Maybe you need to replace it, but it might just need a fresh coat of paint. Use this guide to help you decide and see below the results. Simply choose the category that your fence falls into or best describes your fence, gates, posts, rails and boards.
Fence Materials In Good Shape
Needs Repair
Time to Replace
Gate Strong, swings easily, not rotten Sagging, hard to open and shut Hinges missing, rotten, fallen off
Posts (4x4 or 6x6) Straight, firmly rooted in the ground, not rotten Loose in ground fewer than 1/3 of posts lean Posts are rotten, broken, more than 1/3 lean
Rails(2x4 or 2x6)   Existing rails are straight, able to hold nails, wood is solid Fewer than 1/3 of rails are sagging or curving, nails are loose and missing Rails are rotten, falling off, missing, more than 1/3 sag or curve
Slats or Boards Existing slats or boards are straight, able to hold nails, wood is solid Fewer than 1/3 of slats are sagging, bending, or broken Slats are broken, falling off or missing, more than 1/3 sag, bend, or are broken
So how did your fence do?

A) If your fence matches with the "In Good Shape", you probably just have a few cosmetic things to deal with.  A bit of sandpaper and a fresh coat of stain or paint, and you'll be fine.
B) If your fence matches with the "Needs Repair",  you need to decide whether you want to do the repairs yourself or call 100 % Fence. If you do call 100 % Fence, you can consult with us to decide whether the fence is worth repairing, or if you're better off building a new fence.
C) If your fence matches the "Time To Replace", your fence is not just an eyesore- it's unsafe.  In order to protect your household and even passerby on the street, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, 100% Fence, it needs to be replaced.
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